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Any and all back massages accepted...

I got home with mom Saturday afternoon. I think I pulled something though in my back because it has been really hurting for the past few days. I have been doing some yoga which has been both helpful and interesting. Yoga must have middle and south-eastern origins because I recognize parts of many of the pose names as sanskrit.

In any case not too much has been going on around here. I've just been trying to find a decent job. If I have too, I can work at CVS, but I would rather not get stuck doing overnight after overnight. Beggars can't be choosers though so we will see.

too good to pass up

So, I am swamped right now with work, but I HAD to post this. This morning at work I was working for Pat filtering out the romance section which was initially painful but then very quickly became HILARIOUS!!! Some of the titles you come across are so brilliantly done, but then you get others which are so bad that they are even more funny than the witty ones. My personal favorite was "The Mediterranean Prince's Captive Virgin" only to be very closely followed up by something along the lines of "Being Ruthlessly Taken By the Italian Billionaire". Although, I was just trying to double-check on that title on Barnes and Noble and came across "The Italian Billionaire's Secret Love Child" which is a gem. I don't intend to insult anyone, I don't really read romance myself (probably with the only exception of the OCCASIONAL Georgette Heyer), so sorry if I have. It is really hard not to find amusement in these things.

In other news, Justin Beiber (whose fan base I really don't understand considering the fact that I personally think he looks too much like a child and am NOT into pedophilia, his voice also kind of reminds me of Rocky from Rocky and Bolwinkle) apparently is unfamiliar with the word "German". I can understand not being able to think straight in an interview with someone with a strong accent, but to then read it and not know what the interviewer was talking about is kind of sad.

exam week and Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior

In terms of school, I have two research papers(one for tomorrow, the other for Wednesday at the latest), a watercolor for tuesday, a Sanskrit and Chinese Art History exam on Wednesday, packing to do on thursday and friday, and a French exam on Friday. My roommate is leaving on thursday, mom comes for me on friday and we drive back on saturday.

I would like to now take this time to say that Spike TV's show Deadliest Warrior is one of the stupidest shows around. I really do not understand why anyone would think that these episodes are in any way credible methods of indicating a likely outcome. Their methods, fight "re-enactments" and their narrator's bizarre over-emphasis really irks me.

on a brighter note, here's another kpop video for you to enjoy (that is, if anyone else takes quite as much gleeful pleasure out of them).


so, I saw Pirate Radio recently which I can say unequivocally is AWESOME!!! Seriously, if you love either good rock and roll, good movies, or Bill Neigh then you should see it. In any case, during the movie they use So Long Marianne by Leonard Cohen and hearing that song after so long completely blew me away. When I listen to it, I remember so well things from my youth when my parents were still together. It probably gives me as much pleasure (if not more) as the guitar solo in Concrete Jungle from the This Is Reggae Music album (which everyone should have).

I will maybe write more this weekend, but I have a lot of work to do in preparation for the end of school so who knows.
So as the school year is winding down, events and and my workload are speeding up. The only issue though being that I have very little that is proper to wear. When I went home for Christmas, I left a lot of my clothing to lighten my load for when I pack up my room.

Next wednesday I have a dinner I am going to with President Coley and a select group of International Club members at Sakura (a local Japanese Steak House). I don't have the time, or the money to go out and buy something, but I think I might be able to make a very simple dress out of a couple tie-dyed shirts. It is Spring Fling this weekend and the Dorm had a tie-dying event yesterday, and there should be a Spring Fling tie-dying event today. I was late yesterday because I had work, so the only shirts left were XL which should work well for the skirt, and hopefully today I will be able to get a medium for the top.

Then later, I have a multicultural dinner to go to in early May which is going to be a black and white event, or "ebony and ivory" as I have heard they are choosing to call it. I think that I am going to have to call mom and ask her to send one of my dresses to me.

There will also be an international potluck dinner in early May. Our elusive advising teacher Rose Faulkner showed up for our meeting on thursday and decided to book one of the houses and to send out an invitation to all the international students and their host families. I don't mind at all, just that I worry about bringing enough food. I will bake something, I just have to procure a hand-mixer. We were initially planning on going to Decker Auditorium (a lecture hall in the science and mathematics building) because there is a large screen that can be brought down making it a much more interesting viewing experience than any living room could provide.

In terms of schoolwork, I have two research papers, a french test on monday, and three exams. Sanskrit is getting better in terms of comprehension, I just have to memorize it all now (and keep it separated in my mind from Latin and French).

Social Rules:
I am always so pleasantly surprised when men hold doors open for me. The other day, after speaking with a professor I was leaving Big Baker and saw a rather tall guy walking towards the door. I slowed down as I approached the same door because I didn't wish to accidentally hit him in the face with it, or surprise him by almost hitting him in the face. But then he opened the door and held it for me. I was so surprised. Sometimes I am so disappointed by the state of affairs society is in. For the large part it doesn't matter too much, but then on occasion I come across a situation that is so disheartening.

A couple of weeks ago, my RA was in our room playing Nazi Zombies with my roommate when she noticed my cribbage board. I have been jonesing for a game for so long that I was delighted when she said she played and would like to with me. A week or so went by and I knocked on her door a couple of times, she was either not in her room, or with someone. Then, after waiting a while more, I knocked on her door and she said that she would find me the next evening. Now I don't know about anyone else, but I was raised to believe that if you made plans with someone (however tentative) you should let them know one way or another your plans. I.E. either cry off or show up. Echo was a no-show, and I have barely seen hide nor hair of her since. So when I come into situations where there are polite people, I am always so delighted.

Coco Chanel:
There seem to be an overabundance of movies about Chanel lately. First there was Coco before Chanel, which wasn't that bad as all things go. Then there was CHANEL which I will see, but I am not sure that Shirley MacLaine will be the best Chanel. And now, there is a movie coming up about Chanel and Stravinsky. You can't have it both ways. Either Chanel was in an adulterous affair with an English aristocrat (who I highly doubt was Igor Stravinsky), or she was.


So, I woke up this morning soo sore because I participated in Mclympics yesterday. There were only three teams who actually participated (probably because the weather was wicked nasty) so the R.A.s who were refing made up a fourth to make it easier to organize. It was cold, but fun. I was there because the International Club (of which I'm now a Vice-President) was participating. there was tug-of-war, water balloon toss, three-legged/potato-sac races, kick ball, a relay race, and then capture the flag. My muscles are really sore and I have I have a couple of blisters on my hands from the tug-of-war, but I can deal with it. I'm just glad my lip healed up. During the capture the flag (which I think we all could have done without, and which dragged on too long) this kid nicknamed Zeto joined our team last minute, but because I was guarding the back of our base I wasn't informed of this. So there was some confusion when we ran into each other because we both thought the other was on the opposing team.

This kid is really hard to have a conversation with because he always ends up saying things or doing something that will generally piss everyone off. He also doesn't have many affiliations because he just wanders in and out of clubs and classes. Last semester he began showing up and sitting in on my First Year Seminar, which I wouldn't have minded in general as long as he was a little bit less conspicuous about it. The Rooms in Hill are pretty small as is but the kid would show up late, walk across the room an sit down by the wall, make random and pointless comments that were in no way beneficial to the conversations we had been having, and then leave early. It was the strangest and most obnoxious thing. Then, the one time he did show up before the class began, he hid in one of the windows behind the shade and tried to scare Alles.

anyways. After seeing him walk into Baker with two members of the opposing team, Paula and I were a little unsure about his loyalties. Then a little while after, he came running out of Baker and I instinctively jumped to catch him because he hadn't been playing with us all day so I instinctively thought "enemy" He shouted out "I'm on your team!" and I stopped as best I could, which ended up not being that great. I fell and his knee hit me in the face. I got whiplash and he almost split my lip. Didn't even stop to apologize or anything.

In other things. I saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox this weekend. There were a couple of moments when I was a little unsure about the path the movie was taking, but by the end I really liked it (as I generally do Wes Anderson films). I am on the other hand disappointed in the average student's recognition. In conversations with people about plans for the weekend, no one recognized "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" as either a book or movie title. Then when I tried to explain that it was based off of the book by Roald Dahl they still didn't recognize it. I had to go on to say that he also wrote "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" I'm just disappointed. Even the movie poster for Fantastic Mr. Fox says on it "Based on the book by the author of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"" I just don't know what it becoming of this country, that Stephany Meyers (or whatever her name is) and J. K. Rowling are more commonplace names than Roald Dahl. Stephany Meyers' books are utter TRIPE, and the first three Harry Potter books are alright, but the series goes downhill from there in my opinion. Roald Dahl on the other hand is brilliant. If you want to hear scary though, my roommate's best friend here at school (or "bestie" as they've tagged it) admitted the other day that he has only ever read one book for pleasure in his whole life (and I got the impression that it probably was in his youth). How scary is that?

Comme ci, comme ça

So, I know I was kind of freaking out before (and I don't want anyone to be too concerned or anything) but things are better now. I went to an international club meeting (I love those guys so much. They always cheer me up), came back and blasted some reggae (now I wish I had my speakers. I feel like being really loud and singing, but I'll live) and sang a bit which always helps me feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Earlier, and to a certain extent now (but not as bad), I was dealing with WAY TOO MANY emotions, just thinking about Nana, school chaos, homesickness, disappointment over my failure in trying to control my housing situations (which at this point I think I will just have to leave up to the fates), et autres choses (is that correct?). Now I am trying to just take a step back and concentrate on school and navigating the minor things. For example, this morning as I was dressing my roommate asked me if I could lay out my clothes the night before because she didn't want to hear me opening and closing my drawers in the morning or something. She has asked me to do this before and in her words "it's been a problem all year." (yes, I know that is grammatically incorrect, but it's what she said.) At this point, I initially felt a slight pang but internally laughed at the situation. I am not a ninja and I have said as much on multiple occasions. I try to be as quiet as possible, but can't control everything. I told her that I could try, but I didn't know how well it would work out because I generally base what I wear by what I feel like wearing in the morning and what the weather is like (as I am sure a lot of people do). I didn't tell her this, but honestly if my mother couldn't get me to do this during my four years of high-school, I hardly think an immature spoiled little rich girl will be able to at this point (and yes, she is rich. She has her own horse, her father has a porsche, and her mother will be flying out for her birthday next week. I right now have about a buck and a half to my name, and can't even afford to fly out to Tucson to be with my family after the death of my grandmother). Something also tells me that she has probably never worked a day in her life.

In all honesty, I'm not trying to be a bitch, but this girl needs to grow a thicker skin and learn to deal. Rooming with a stranger is never going to be a perfect situation, but sometimes you just have to learn to deal with it. I would rather live with someone who doesn't sleep 'till all god and-sundry, play Call of Duty Nazi Zombies ALL THE TIME (because hearing the constant sound of machine guns and the occasional voice shouting either "GET ME THEIR SOULS!!!!", "HA HA HA!! I think his skull just hit next week!!", or "That's the same gun I used to kill my last wife! She was bitch." in a REALLY BAD russian accent is SO ENTERTAINING....not) and listen to REALLY BAD music (in my opinion), but I deal with it. I don't know, if you guys think I am wrong then please feel free to correct me. You are only getting my side of the story, but to give you an idea of this girl's attitude; last week when I was basically in shock and trying to deal with the death of my grandmother without having any family members nearby to be with, Katherine and Colin (her "bestie" as they call it) were playing Nazi Zombies (shocker!) in the middle of the week and Katherine was in a bad mood and "just wanted to shoot some things". I went out of the room to get some water from the fountain and heard Colin mutter as I left the room "you should shoot HER." and her agree.

Now, I'm sorry for al the kvetching. On the bright side, I got Where the Wild Things Are from the library along with a Led Zepp and a Damian Marley cd I had ordered, there will be a Nepalese buddhist priest on campus on monday (he's also a Fullbright scholar), I only have about 36 days left, and I should be getting paid on Saturday (but unfortunately won't be able to deposit it until Tuesday. I can wait though). So, life moves on. If you are interested in some INSANELY good acoustic music go to http://www.themissingparts.net/. These guys were busking at the Fourth Ave. Street Fair when I was in Tucson and they are AMAZINGLY good. They are REALLY REALLY fun to hear live and I will definitely be checking them out when I am next in Tucson. I recommend "Waltz in 4/4" I would have posted a youtube video of them, but I couldn't find one, so just listen to the stuff on their site. In the meantime, her is a little something-something for all my invisible readers out there (and anyone who cares to adopt a physical manifestation though commenting -HINT.HINT.).

p.s. I would just like to say now that no matter how much I like Chris Rock as an actor and think he is funny, I do NOT appreciate Neil LaBute's blatant ripping off of the British flick in his remake of "Death at a Funeral" I do not see it being as good as the original and there is already too much remaking of relatively modern foreign films being done by Hollywood (pour example: No Reservations -the movie w. Catherine Zeta Jones, not Anthony Bourdaine's show which is AMAZING!!!!!- is basically the german movie Mostly Martha, exactly).

C'est MAL...

Man.... I don't think I have cried in the past year as much as I have in the past two weeks... I keep thinking I'm over it, but then it keeps surprising me. If my room mate and her friend (who earlier today admitted that he had only ever read one book for pleasure, which is just kind of sad) were not in the room then I would probably be blasting some really good reggae music or something and dancing. UGH!!! I can't even really talk about it, it is just basically an overload of stress, disappointment, and strange grief. I will hopefully be able to write this all out soon.


Hey invisible readers. Sorry, I know that I said I would post once I reached Tucson and then I didn't. I generally overestimate how much work I will ever be able to do whenever I go on break. I will post again soon with details and or anecdotes once classes have settled (probably after this weekend- once I better know the state of my languages and english paper. the 26th is the final day for class withdrawals, so *fingers crossed*). At the moment though, I really need sleep. I didn't get much last night and I woke up this morning at 3:00 for my first flight. There will be what I promised last time, language updates (I think I am too stubborn to withdraw from a class but because of my financial aid I have to be really sure of myself), and probably musical/ cultural/ literature discussions of some sort.


excuses, excuses, excuses....

Hey, I know I said I would either post over the weekend or on Monday, but I have one hell of a lot of work to do for classes tonight, laundry and sanskrit studying to do tomorrow, and packing to do the next night, so I'm gonna have to raincheck until I reach Tucson this weekend. I don't really know how many people actually read this blog (probably some family and friends), and it doesn't really matter one way or another, I am just cutting back on procrastination and being all-together more organized. Thus I am trying to post quasi-regularly, so, to whomever does read this I promise I will post probably on saturday once I am in Tucson and have caught up on sleep. Also, feel free (a.k.a. PLEASE) post thoughts every once and a while. It doesn't matter if you have a blog/livejournal account, you can post anonymously and then sign your comment. It would make me feel quite considerably less like I was talking to a brick wall.

teaser (to whet the appetites of any beastlings reading): temples, passive aggressive roommates and pneumonia.

-another little something from me 9_9

गजछामि (gacchāmi= I go)